The sole purpose of publishing this website is to network the Sikh Rajput community living worldwide. By doing so, it will provide a chance to our community to interact globally, share information, knowledge and experience. This website will also help our young generation to understand about our roots, history, culture, traits and traditional values. Firstly, it must be noted that calling ourselves Sikh Rajput, is contradictory to the principles of Sikhism because the tenth master Guru Gobind Singh Ji abolished the caste system and created a brotherhood called Khalsa. The Sikh philosophy directly opposes the division of persons, within a community, based on their caste, occupation, social rank, or wealth accumulation.

Here, a question arises, why are we calling ourselves Sikh Rajputs then?

During Guru Gobind Singh Jee’s struggle against Muslim emperors, the Doaba Rajputs stood with Guru Ji and laid their lives for saving Sikh traditions and culture. Along with Guru Ji, they gave a strong fight to Muslim Nawabs for a long time. According to the writer of the book “Ithaas Doaba Rajput”; the Doaba Rajputs were excommunicated from the Rajput community for helping Guru Ji during his fights against Mughal Emperors. Since Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s time, Doaba Rajputs are called Sikh Rajputs and our caste is recorded as such in all government gazettes. It must be noted that on December 25, 1907 during the annual gathering of Rajput Prantik Sabha Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, it was declared with an endorsement from the attendees that the Doaba Rajputs must be considered as the part of whole Rajput community. It was mentioned that these (Doaba Rajputs) are our brothers, who were excommunicated from the Rajput community due to some differences almost 200 years ago and were left apart since then. Let’s join hands together and work for the betterment of the Rajput community.

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Kuljit Singh Janjua (Kukowal)

Kuljit Singh Janjua, a post graduate in Sociology, has been involved in the research and collection of data with evidences about the forgotten heroes, freedom fighters, social, religious and other prominent personalities of Sikh Rajput origin, who had contributed remarkably to achieve what we are enjoying today. Kuljit used his anthropological and sociological approach along with the specific research methodologies which included detailed interviews, life histories and biographical studies of the persons involved.

Sanjeev Singh Bhatti (Reehla)

Sanjeev Singh Bhatti, a graduate in Computer Sciences, is helping in maintaining and updating the website when it warrants any change.


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